Spring is Here, so are the Ducklings and our CSA is SOLD OUT!

I am glad to get the season rolling again, and it sure is fun starting off with some cute ducklings! We received 24 Ancona ducklings in the mail on Friday. They are doing well and already growing fast.

Ancona ducks are a heritage breed, and considered dual purpose (meaning they lay great eggs and you can use them for meat as well). I have raised this breed for three years now, and I love their personalities and foraging abilities. They will be living in the brooder for about 6 weeks before they go outside to live with the adult ducks.

Nap time

Play time

The adult Ancona ducks


The Field in June

Everything this summer at Bright Yellow Farm has gone amazingly well. We are mainly caught up with the seeding, planting, and weeding. We’ve had awesome volunteer help. CSA is off to a great start, and now the farmers market season is here!!

Onion Field

Looking Great!

Heirloom Tomatoes

CSA Members at Pickup

Alexander, my number 1 helper

First CSA Pickup

CSA pickup is every Wednesday from 3pm-6pm at 158 Auer Farm Rd in Bloomfield!

We had our first CSA pickup today and it went very well! There were lots of spring greens, radishes, garlic, herbs, and turnips.

Happy Mother’s Day!

For Mother’s Day this year I got a tractor! Yes, it is finally HERE! This is a Tuff-Bilt cultivating tractor, driven up this morning from Alabama by the company owner. Many thanks for bringing it to Connecticut. It is perfect timing, as the rain has stopped for now and we are ready to use it. This is going to be a BIG planting week. If anyone wants to come help, I will be planting in the field most mornings from 7am-11am.

Field in May

Local Events

Everything is going smoothly this spring at Bright Yellow Farm! The field is plowed and there are a few crops up in the field (peas, arugula, bok choi, herbs, lettuce).

Many more are growing nicely in the greenhouse.

In the next week my tractor will be arriving, and we will get more beds ready for the transplanted crops. The seed potatoes and the asparagus crowns arrived in the mail a few days ago, so we will be planting those soon. The asparagus takes three years to get established, so look for them in 2016.

In other news, Bright Yellow Farm will be attending some local spring events.

On Saturday April 20th 10am-1pm The Great Cloth Diaper Change and Earthy Family Fair will be held at the Community Center at 330 Windsor Ave in Windsor. At this event babies are changed into cloth diapers for a Guinness World Record. The daughter of a CSA member owns, Cozy Bottoms (cozy-bottoms.com), the cloth diaper business that is organizing the event. The fair will also showcase local earth-friendly businesses.

On Saturday April 27th from 1pm-4pm the Wintonbury Land Trust will host  Bloomfield‘s Earth Day Activities at La Salette Park at 120 Mountain Ave in Bloomfield. (wintonburylandtrust.org)

On April 30th at 6pm the Prosser Library in Bloomfield will be showing the documentary “Genetic Roulette”. Come learn about the potential health problems linked to GMOs. (prosserlibrary.info)

On May 4th from 10am to 4pm there will be a holistic and green living event called Re-create CT at Elizabeth Park in Hartford. (recreatect.com)

On May 8th at 7pm the Prosser Library in Bloomfield will be having a garden talk. Horticulturist Tom Christopher will describe techniques for no-mow lawns, rain gardens and more. (prosserlibrary.info)


Thanks to everyone who came out and picked rocks to prepare the field for plowing. It was great to have so many people there, and now the field looks beautiful!

Thanks to the Rueckerts!